DBFCS Website Development

DBFCS Website Development

For around 20 years, DBFCS has specialised in creating, managing and maintaining a wide portfolio of websites.

Based in Cardiff, Wales (UK), we develop content and comparison websites that help to drive highly targeted leads to merchants we are affiliated with. We work closely with many reputable high street brands, manufacturers and Internet-only retailers to offer a combination of enticing, factual and rewarding content and offers to our niche website traffic.

We also develop websites for clients based on specific needs and requests. We specialise in PHP and MySQL development coding, creating responsive HTML 5, valid XHTML and CSS driven websites.

We offer troubleshooting services to clients to help fix minor bugs, niggles or to make minor adjustments in pre-existing work.

Furthermore, we often ghost-script for website design agencies, transforming their lovingly created PSD designs into functional, useable websites.

We pride ourselves in offering helpful support to clients, with honest pricing and a can-do attitude to queries. We care about what we do, and as such care about what you do too. Many clients become very good friends as a result of asking us to work with them.

If there's anything we can help you with, please get in touch.